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Astha Dental Solutions was established in 1998 and is run by Dr Chetan Chandra, BDS, MDS (Periodontist and Implantologist), Associate Professor in Department of Periodontology and Implantology, Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences. And Dr Sumi Chandra, BDS,MDS (Prosthodontist and Implantologist)

Astha Dental Solutions utilizes the latest in dental technology and expertise to ensure that you receive the highest possible standards of dental care available today. This clinic is equipped with all the latest treatment facilities with Excellency in jobs with high quality sterilization. Astha Dental Solutions is the number one choice for your complete dental solution. We are equipped with the state of the art tools with knowledgeable and caring staff for you.

Astha Dental Solutions provides the utmost dental care to enhance the quality of your life by giving the finest quality treatment. We provide a Complete dental care in both of our convenient location in Lucknow, India.

Astha Dental Solution is for the patients who do not compromise care, comfort, or quality; therefore most of our customers call it a "Family Dental Clinic". Dental treatments are no longer expensive. Highly cost effective in almost any kind of treatment you want. We specialize in all the basic & latest dental procedures. Emphasising on preventative dentistry through regular check-ups and cleanings, the clinic offers a range of services, right from dental jewellery, scaling, bleaching, and cosmetic smile designing to laser treatment, implant placement, orthodontic treatment, denture construction, and flap surgeries. Concisely, the clinic stands behind quality of work and ensures that every patient is satisfied with the results of their treatment.

Implant Centre

Advantage of Implants over removable denture is that the removable loose denture can be fitted on the jaw bone & made fixed. The Advantage of Implants over Fixed Caps (Crowns) is that unlike Caps (Crowns),we do not have to do cutting of healthy adjacent 2 teeth ....